Ellarinn Beauty

Spicy Waistbeads


Wild and Spice. The SPICY WAIST BEADS are our answer for party animals with a rebellious and spicy touch to their personalities. The golden crystals and black beads make a bold statement, while the vibrant orange colored crystals represents passion, rebellion, while adding a zesty touch to the aura of person wearing it. The combination of all three colors makes up a perfect bead to wear if you are a free soul that has a deep side to them but with a lot of salsa. Available in different sizes, the waist bead comes for everyone who has a fiery side to their personality and they are not afraid to show it.


  • Measure your waist line in inches, taking note of how tight you want your beads
  • Beads are clasp so can be removed anytime you want
  • Beads are made from suku tread so does not break
  • 30 days money back

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